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Next Date: 5 April 2024

Weekend Cash Lottery

Win up to €3,000

Friday draws at 22:00 HRS – 2x €500

Saturday draws at 22:00 HRS – 2x €500

Sunday draw at 20:00 HRS – €1,000

Patrons gain one cash lottery ticket for every 1,000 My Rewards points they accumulate per week. The accumulation of points is calculated weekly from Monday to Friday until 21:55 HRS. Each ticket is valid for all three lotteries: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Draws Schedule

10PM – Fridays – 2x €500 Cash Prizes

10PM – Saturdays – 2x €500 Cash Prizes

8PM – Sundays – €1,000 Cash Prize

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Xtra Play Weekly Challenge


Top 50 players receive a daily €100/120 Xtra Play voucher, and 5 Xtra Play Cash Draw tickets with a chance to win €5,000 in a monthly cash draw. Vouchers have a 24-hour validity period.

Players ranked 51-150 get a daily €50/60 Xtra Play voucher and 3 Xtra Play Cash Draw tickets. Those ranked 151-200 receive €25/30 Xtra Play and 1 Xtra Play Cash Draw ticket. All eligible players can access Xtra Play and participate in the daily draw for the cash prize.

Xtra Play Cash Draw


Join our new casino promotion for a chance to win €5,000 in cash prizes! Top 200 players each week earn Xtra Play Cash Draw Lottery tickets based on their rank, with additional tickets awarded for points accumulated. The Xtra Play Cash Draw occurs on the last Wednesday of each month. Everyday, the top 50 players will receive 5 cash draw tickets, the players ranked 51 – 150 will receive 3 tickets, and players ranked between 151 – 200 will receive 1 ticket.

X3 Rush Hours

From Monday to SUNDAY

Earn triple points between 17:00 and 18:00 HRS from Monday to Friday, and between 10:00 and 11:00 HRS on Saturday and Sunday.

X2 Rush Hours

From Monday to FRIDAY

Earn double points between 10:00 and 11:00 HRS from Monday to Friday.

Poker Schedule

Join us for daily tournaments in one of the most beautiful poker rooms in the world. Take your seat and be blown away by the scenery as you go all in.

Day Daily Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Time 18:15 HRS 18:15 HRS 18:15 HRS 18:15 HRS 18:15 HRS 18:15 HRS 18:15 HRS 18:15 HRS
Tournament Mega Stack Unlimited Rebuy NLHE Deepstack Turbo Deepstack Super Stack Add-on Sunday
Buy-in Minimum €100 €35 + €5 €10 + €5 €20 + €5 €20 + €5 €45 + €5 €45 + €5 €25 + €5
Stack 40k 10k 20k 25k 30k 40k 25k
Rebuys 1 @ €25 for 40k Unlimited
€10 for 10k
€20 for 20k
1 @ €10 for 20k
Add on €25 for 40k €10 for 10k
€20 for 20k
€10 for 20k €25 for 40k €25 for 40k
Re-entry 1 until end level 6 1 until end level 6 1 until end level 6 1 until end level 6 1 until end level 6
Blind €1/€2
Limits Other Limits Upon Request
Players 10 players per table