The Dragonara Poker Cash Leagues start on the first day of the month and lasts for the entire month. Each league has a month duration. The first league commenced on October 1st 2020.

There are two different leagues. One is weekday cash league that starts from Monday to Thursday, and the other is the weekend cash league that is from Friday to Sunday.


€1 is collected from any cash game pot that amounts to €25 or more and is put aside. This money will be collected by the dealer and dropped in the box that was used as the tip box. The box in question (right hand side of the dealer) will now be treated as the League Box.

The chips collected daily in the league box shall also be counted and recorded daily in the count room, along with the dropbox as per standard procedure.

This money will be given out to the top five players at the end of each monthly league according to their position.

When sitting on a cash table, players will present their casino card to the dealer so that they can be logged into the system and their hours will be recorded. Players will be responsible to make sure that they are logged in so as their hours are being recorded.

At the end of their session, players must confirm their hours of play at the poker pit (with the Poker Supervisor). After the player leaves the premises, Dragonara will not be liable to check for any discrepancies in the previously recorded times.

We will be using a point system that every 10 minutes equals 1 point (1 hour = 6 points). Minutes will be rounded off to the closest point, from 1 minute to 4 minutes there will be no point awarded. From 5 minutes to 9 minutes will be rounded up to 1 point.

40 hours of play are required to qualify for the weekday leaderboard and 30 hours of play are required to qualify for the weekend leaderboard.

If no players get 40 or 30 hours or more till the end of the league, the money will be carried forward to the following monthly league, in which case the following league will start with the cash collected in the preceding month.

If less than five players qualify, they still get their percentage and the remaining pool will go to the following league.

If players tie at the same position, money will be split equally for them. For example, if second and thirds place tie, they will split the total for second and third place prize equally.

If players tie as fifth and sixth, fifth place prize will be split equally between the two players.

The league table is updated weekly and is available for viewing at the poker room.

Prizes may be collected from cash desk when league ends.


At the end of the league, the first five players of both leagues will be awarded the league prize-pool in the following manner:

1st – 40% of Prizepool

2nd – 30% of Prizepool

3rd – 15% of Prizepool

4th – 10% of Prizepool

5th – 5% of Prizepool

Dragonara Casino reserves the right to cancel, change or suspend the league/s. In the case of suspension, the prize pools will be awarded through an ad-hoc tournament that will be organised for players that participated at least once in the cash game league within the month. Players are made aware of these conditions before entering the league.