The Dragonara Brasserie has introduced a host of new flavours to our already decadent menu. From delectable starters, all the way through to seriously satisfying desserts; be prepared to go on a mouthwatering journey. Designed by our executive chef, Claudio Schiavone, the menu pulls from Italian and Maltese roots to create a unique experience for any diner.

Pull up a chair.

Order a drink.

Have your tastebuds tantalised.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Dragonara Brasserie to give you a taste of our wonderful new menu!


For the starters, one of the new additions includes Angus beef tartare. This is a fantastic variation from the usual beef tartare that people have come to expect, including a curry sauce and toasted hazelnuts as some of the condiments. This meal steps away from the norm and puts a delicious spin on an already special starter.

A second addition brings a bit of Malta right into a predominantly Italian restaurant. Deep-fried ġbejna is a sheep-milk cheeselet (literal English translation) served with marinated veggies and a cranberry jus. This cheese is synonymous with Maltese cuisine and a happy addition to the Dragonara Brasserie menu.

Main Courses

One of the noticeable changes is the inclusion of veal Milanese. This delicious French veal rack is marinated in garlic and herbs, and dusted with crumbs. Cooked to perfection, you’ll definitely get your red meat fix here. Speaking of red meat, familiar favourites prime Argentinian beef ribeye and Angus beef fillet are still available to our diners.

For the less adventurous, a chicken breast roll stuffed with Provolone and cooked in a tomato and oregano sauce ‘Alla Pizzaiola’ will be up your ally. The tastes come together in a crash of Italian decadence; this is a must-try!


The biggest change on the menu is the change-up of the pasta being served at the Dragonara Brasserie. The only one carried through to the new menu is a crowd favourite: Ravioli cacio e pepe. This ravioli is filled with pecorino romano DOP, creamed with roasted black pepper and pecorino sauce. Can anyone say pecorino? This ravioli is oozing with cheese, which is hardly something to complain about!

Some of the notable additions include a tagliatelle allo scoglio which, at its core, is a seafood pasta. Cooked with fresh clams, mussels, calamari, and king prawns, the hero here is the fresh seafood, tossed together with egg pasta to make a delicious meal. For vegetarians, gnocchi alla Norma is potato gnocchi served in a rich tomato and garlic sauce with fried aubergine, fresh basil, and shredded salted ricotta. Although, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this stunning dish.

Burgers and Sandwiches

A whole new burger and sandwiches section has been added to the menu, just in time for summer! With an array of beef and chicken burgers and their tasty accompaniments, this is a menu that anyone can enjoy. There is no skimping on quality, and if you’re looking for a burger that packs a punch, you’ll find it here. Tipping the scales here is the salmon sandwich that includes smoked salmon, rucola, tomato, boiled egg, cream cheese and salmon paté, all served on fresh bread. Yummy!


Most certainly not least, the Dragonara Brasserie desserts are legendary. This is something you should really check out for yourself as the selection is to-die-for. From an orange and dark chocolate cake all the way to the more simple (but definitely not less tasty) ice cream cart, you have your bases covered on exquisite flavours.

If you aren’t already on your way, what are you waiting for? Make a quick reservation and we’ll see you soon.